Giving staff a unified workflow for all medical correspondence, regardless of your EMR platform.

Care Coordination

Sherri Mason Swilley, CPC, CPCO

Head of Clinical Operations, Florida State University, College of Medicine

"Florida Medical Practice Plan, Inc. and its clinical services absolutely love having HIE access. It has proven very beneficial in closing the loop on patient care. If we need information from another medical office in town, no problem – we just log in to HIE and the information is there. This is an amazing resource for all our hospital followup and specialty referrals. HIE is making a difference, one patient at a time!"


hMessage is a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform built around a unique electronic work queue to facilitate complete care coordination and deliver correspondence to any provider, regardless of technology level.

hMessage service is simple to use and gives staff a unified workflow for all medical correspondence, regardless of your EMR platform or who you are communicating with. Use it for medical records requests, patient referrals, Rx refill requests, back-office billing requests, and more. Achieve better referral management with audit trails showing who has seen each medical correspondence and how long it took to complete each task in its designated workflow.

hMessage is an integrated service in the secure cloud network, offering advanced functionality when coupled with other tools in the Communication Suite, providing the ability to link patient records and automate routing to the patient chart in your EMR.

  • Gain referral management with ALL of your referral partners
  • Experience unified workflow
  • You send the message…. we ensure it’s delivered to the recipient
  • No limitations on the number or type of documents you can securely send
  • Manage all medical correspondence from one easy-to-access work queue
  • Support for DIRECT messaging
  • Integrate with your EMR’s document import process
  • Easily track and transfer documents between departments
  • Remove the clutter in your EMR and take back control of your patient chart